Blowing of the cobwebs at Doe Castle

I needed to get away today for a while and blow of the owl cobwebs and this place certainly did that, it is such a beautiful day today here in Donegal but very windy and cold at the castle but lovely all the same.

Doe Castle is situated near Creeslough. It was the seat of the Mac Sweeney family who built the Castle in the 16th Century. The central tower of the Castle is surrounded by a powerful bawn-wall over looking the sea on three sides. As one of Donegal’s strongest fortifications, Doe Castle played a pivotal role in Irish history. Sir Cahir O’Doherty set up his headquarters here before his attack on Derry in 1608; the Castle was recovered by the Mac Sweeney in 1641 and it was at Doe Castle that Owen Roe O’Neill landed on his return from Europe to lead the 1642 Rising.
After the Restoration of Charles 11 in 1660, the Castle was occupied by an English garrison until it was repossessed by the Mac Sweeneys during the Williamite wars in the 1690’s. The Castle was restored around 1800 and was occupied until the beginning of the 20th century. It is now in the care of the Office of Public Works.

Doe Castle – NE side of castle facing south:

The castle sits on a small peninsula, surrounded on 3 sides by water, with a moat cut into the rock of the landward side. The structure consists mainly of high outer walls around an interior bawn with a 4-storey tower-house/keep.

If you are ever visiting Co Donegal this place is worth a wee visit it is a beautiful peaceful and scenic place to visit I would recommend.



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